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Image of Swiss alps in the summer behind a lake with green grass and blue sky. Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Our Story

Where Science Meets Nature: The Legacy of Swiss 1876

SWISS 1876 is the story of two families coming together to produce the safest and most potent CBD wellness products in the world. Located in an historic 18th century estate nestled deep in the Swiss alps, later converted to a weaving factory, it is now the site of a state-of-the-art scientific facility. Within these ancient walls we utilize the most modern techniques to nurture organic hemp plants and extract the purest CBD crystals, fully certified by The Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products. 

Our commitment to purity is unmatched, with all cannabinoids in our products being plant-derived, never synthetic. The fresh air and pure water of the Swiss Alps gently caress our flower buds and nourish our plants, providing the ideal environment for healthy growth. Our growing operation and laboratory is the only facility to house the entire A to Z process under one roof, upholding the Swiss seal of quality.

Our diverse team of scientists and technicians is a fertile source of new ideas to advance the CBD industry. We take pride in our legendary Swiss quality and industry-leading practices, and we're honored to share our CBD skincare products with you.

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